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    Representation of LGBTQ Multiracial Characters

    Representation of Multiracial Characters Sophie Wilde as Mia Everything Now
    Sophie Wilde as Mia - Everything Now

    According to the 2020 US Census, the population of people who are multiracial is growing rapidly, with people who selected two or more races being the youngest of any race category, an increase of over 200 percent between the 2010 and 2020 censuses. This population is also growing on TV, with over ten percent of roles on broadcast, cable, and streaming being multiracial, according to UCLA’s 2023 Hollywood Diversity report.

    As for multiracial LGBTQ representation this year, broadcast counted four (six percent) multiracial characters out of 64 LGBTQ characters. This is a decrease of six characters and four percent from last year. These include Dennis on ABC’s Not Dead Yet, Travis on ABC’s Station 19, Roxy on CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted, and Lucy on The CW’s Family Law. 

    On scripted primetime cable, there is one multiracial character out of 77 (one percent). This is a decrease of five characters and three percent. That character is Eliza on Freeform’s now canceled Praise Petey.

    Of the 327 characters counted on scripted streaming originals, 32 (ten percent) of them are multiracial. This is an increase of 23 characters and seven percent. Highlights include trans character Sol on Amazon’s With Love and nonbinary teen Darren on Heartbreak High, as well as lead Ed “Blackbeard” Teach on Max’s Our Flag Means Death and lead Mia on Netflix’s Everything Now, which have both been canceled. 

    Of the total 468 characters counted across all platforms 37 (eight percent) are multiracial, an increase of 12 characters and double the percentage of last year. 

    Representation of Multiracial LGBTQ Characters

    • Of the 64 LGBTQ characters counted on the five broadcast networks, six percent (four) are multiracial.
    • Of the 77 LGBTQ characters counted on cable networks, one percent (one) are multiracial.
    • Of the 327 LGBTQ characters counted on eight streaming services, ten percent (32) are multiracial.
    • Of the 468 LGBTQ characters counted on all platforms, eight percent (37) are multiracial.

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