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    2024 Social Media Safety Index

    X (Twitter)

    X/Twitter earns a score of 41, an eight-point increase from 2023

    In the 2024 SMSI Platform Scorecard, X/Twitter earns a score of 41, an eight-point increase from 2023. Notably, the company quietly revived its policy prohibiting targeted misgendering and deadnaming on the platform. In this context, the company is one of only two companies evaluated in the SMSI that prohibits both targeted misgendering and deadnaming. However, the company falls short of full credit as it effectively requires users to self-report instances of targeted misgendering and deadnaming (the company discloses it needs to hear from targeted individuals in order to determine whether a policy violation has occurred),[1] and does not disclose whether it also employs human review or automated content moderation to identify violations to the policy.[2]

    The company also fails to adequately protect LGBTQ users in other important areas. X/Twitter is the only platform evaluated in the SMSI that does not disclose any information on whether it has a training in place that educates content moderators about the needs of LGBTQ people and other users in protected categories. To date, the company has also failed to renew its commitment to diversifying its workforce, and has not published any employment diversity data in the last year.

    Key Recommendations:

    • The company should not require self-reporting of targeted misgendering and deadnaming, and should also disclose that it employs various processes and technologies — including human and/or automated content moderation — to detect content and behaviors violating these policies. The policy should be enforced globally.
    • Give users tools for self-expression: The company should disclose a dedicated feature that allows users to add their gender pronouns to their profiles, and give users granular options to control who can see their pronouns.
    • Train content moderators on the needs of LGBTQ users: The company should disclose training for content moderators that trains them on the needs of LGBTQ people and other users in protected categories.
    • Express commitment to a diverse workforce: The company should make a renewed commitment to diversifying its workforce, and publish annual data showing its progress towards reaching diversity and inclusion goals.

    [1] For more information on how self-reporting requirements complicate the enforcement of targeted deadnaming and misgendering policies, please see GLAAD’s post: “All Social Media Platform Policies Should Recognize Targeted Misgendering and Deadnaming as Hate Speech.”
    [2] Assessment of X/Twitter’s policy on targeted misgendering and deadnaming is based on the January 2024 version of its “Abuse and Harassment” policy. In March 2024, the company updated this policy, which now states that the company will enforce its targeted misgendering and deadnaming policy “where required by local laws.” As a best practice, policy protections against targeted misgendering and deadnaming should be enforced globally and not depend on local laws.

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