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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the call for submissions?

    The call for submissions for the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards opens on September 27, 2023 and closes on Friday, December 1, 2023 at 6pm PT.

    What is the eligibility period for submissions?

    Projects submitted for the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards must have been published, released, or broadcast in the United States between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

    What do I need to provide for my submission(s)?

    See below for a general breakdown – please note materials needed varies by category:

    Basic Information
    Title of Project:
    Outlet or Distributor:
    Budget, Number of Screens Played, and Other Distribution Plans*:
    Any relevant information our submissions team when determining nomination eligibility, including LGBTQ content, impact, etc:**

    *This is only required for Film – Limited Release
    **There is no word count limit for this section, but we advise 150 – 300 words with any relevant information for our submissions team that would help determine nomination eligibility, including LGBTQ content, impact, etc.

    Submission Materials
    For film/TV/video content:

    • There is a field in the form to upload attachments, including video files. There are no required specs at this time – as hi-res as possible is ideal.
    • For a list of emails to provide PINs/one-time use links to, please contact
    • If you are submitting a series you do not need to send over the entire season but instead can send over episodes that prominently feature LGBTQ content (if applicable).

    For Video Games:

    • If submitting digitally (preferred), please provide at least two digital codes per platform on which the game is available
    • If the game requires a paid online subscription, at least two codes providing a minimum of one month subscription time each.
    • In addition to your submission, please include:
      • A video highlight reel showcasing the game’s internal LGBTQ-inclusive content (can be waived for hardship upon request)
      • If applicable, copies of any canonical external media (comics, videos, etc.) through which the game’s LGBTQ-inclusive content is revealed
    • If submitting physically, copies of the game can be mailed to:

    GLAAD Media Awards Nominations
    104 W 29th Street, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 629-3322

    Why is the submission deadline before the end of the eligibility period?
    GLAAD will consider media images which appear between the deadline (December 1, 2023) and December 31, 2023. However, we require that all media projects which appeared before December 1 to be submitted by the deadline.
    If you have a project that you know will appear between December 1 and December 31, please contact GLAAD at to make special arrangements for submission.

    What media projects are eligible for submission?

    Click here for a list of categories and the eligibility parameters for each category.

    Who can submit a project for nomination?

    Anyone can submit a project for nomination. If you think something should be considered for nomination, you are welcome to submit it.

    Must a media project be submitted in order to be nominated?

    Mainstream Media – GLAAD monitors mainstream media on a year-round basis as part of our work to fight defamation and promote fair, accurate, and inclusive LGBTQ images in the media. This monitoring provides a pool of potential nominees for GLAAD to review.  GLAAD may choose to nominate LGBTQ images from these media outlets – even if the image is not submitted.

    Media Outlets Created By and For an LGBTQ Audience – GLAAD does not monitor media created by and for the LGBTQ community – therefore we do not generate a pool of potential nominees. Therefore all media outlets which are created by and for the LGBTQ community must submit their programming and journalism in order for it to be eligible for nomination.

    What scoring criteria does GLAAD use to judge potential nominees?

    All media projects with LGBTQ images are evaluated using four criteria:

    1) Fair, Accurate and Inclusive Representations – Rather than portraying the LGBTQ community in broad stereotypes, the project deals with the characters or themes in a fair, accurate, and multi-dimensional manner.  (This is different than a “positive role model.”)  Inclusive means that the diversity of the LGBTQ community is represented.  This includes economic, geographic, and political diversity, as well as people of color, seniors, differently abled people, etc.

    2) Boldness and Originality – The project breaks new ground by exploring LGBTQ subject matter in non-traditional ways and handles the LGBTQ content in a fresh and original manner.  Is this project cutting-edge?

    3) Impact – The project impacts society in a significant way.  Does this project dramatically increase the cultural dialogue about LGBTQ issues?  Or, does this project reach an audience that is not regularly exposed to LGBTQ images and issues?

    4) Overall Quality – A project of extremely high quality adds impact and significance to the images and issues portrayed.  Fair, accurate and inclusive images can sometimes be weakened when they are part of a poor-quality project.

    What is the “Additional Information” section for?

    The “Additional Information” section is for Budget, number of screens played, and other distribution plans/info to determine wide versus limited theatrical eligibility. You can also add any other pertinent info for the Submissions team to be aware of. This is usually a description of the film’s LGBTQ content and impact.

    When are the nominees announced?

    The nominees will be announced in early 2024. Check our website for a press release and a complete list of nominees.

    How are award recipients selected?

    Over 700 GLAAD Media Awards voters contribute to the selection of award recipients in each category via online balloting. Voters are comprised of three groups:  GLAAD staff and board, GLAAD Shareholders Circle members, and GLAAD volunteers & allies (which includes previous Special Honorees, key media industry allies, and Event Production teams).

    The results from these voters creates a final slate of award recipients, which is then given to GLAAD’s Review Panel for certification. The Review Panel is comprised of the GLAAD Board co-chairs, senior GLAAD program and communications staff, and media industry experts. The members of the Review Panel are expected to be familiar with all of the nominees in each category.  The final slate of award recipients is certified by the Review Panel, based on the results of the online balloting and their own expert opinions.

    When are award recipients announced?

    The announcement of award recipients in all categories is withheld until the GLAAD Media Award ceremonies.

    GLAAD is committed to keeping our award shows to under a two-hour running time. Even with more than one award show, there is not enough time to present all of the awards onstage.  When deciding which awards to present onstage, we select categories which reflect the range of the GLAAD’s work with the media.  We choose a mix of entertainment, news, and Spanish-language awards.  For the categories that are not given out onstage, we will announce the award recipients in a press release the night of the second Award ceremony.

    GLAAD will announce which award categories will be given out in which cities at a later date. Please check our website for more information.

    How can my company become a corporate sponsor?

    If you’re interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of the GLAAD Media Awards, please contact Melissa Harris, Deputy Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at

    How can I buy tickets for the events?

    Tickets for the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards will be available at a later date. Please check for any updates.

    How can I volunteer for the events?

    Please sign up to volunteer at

    What if I have more questions or need additional information about the nominations process?

    Please contact


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