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Ensuring fair, accurate, inclusive and diverse portrayals of LGBTQ people in television, film, music, streaming content, comics and video games.

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GLAAD's 27th annual Where We Are on TV Report Sees Growing Racial Diversity among LGBTQ Characters, Overall LGBTQ Representation Slightly Down

GLAAD today announced the findings of its annual Where We Are on TV report. Where We Are on TV assesses and analyzes the number of LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on scripted primetime broadcast, scripted primetime cable, and scripted series on the eight major streaming platforms which premiered or are expected to return between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023.

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The Entertainment Media Program monitors film, television, music, and related entertainment media to ensure inclusive, diverse and accurate portrayals of the LGBTQ community. When anti-LGBTQ content runs, GLAAD speaks out about why anti-LGBTQ attitudes and content have no place in the media and how that impacts real lives. The staff also works with TV and film studio executives, producers and writers to provide script consultations and to advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ people at all levels in an effort to spark conversations about LGBTQ issues in living rooms and around water coolers.

GLAAD releases two annual reports: Where We Are on TV analyzes the overall diversity of primetime scripted series regulars on broadcast networks and looks at the number of LGBTQ characters on cable networks and streaming services, and the Studio Responsibility Index ranks the major Hollywood studios by the quantity, quality and content of LGBTQ representation in the films they produce.  Additionally, in 2015, GLAAD debuted a video titled "Hollywood Must Do Better" that highlighted a slew of anti-LGBTQ moments in Hollywood films over the previous five years.