WATCH: 'Good Trouble's Zuri Adele And Sherry Cola Talk What to Expect In Season 5, Chosen Family, And The Beauty Of Drag

The characters of Good Trouble have all had some ups and downs in their journeys since the series premiered on Freeform almost five ago. This is especially true for characters Malika and Alice, portrayed by actors Zuri Adele and Sherry Cola, respectively.  

Good Trouble has been very diverse from the jump, and the new season, premiering March 16, continues to broaden the scope of inclusive characters and stories. As Adele pointed out in a recent interview with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, the show is reflective of various communities.

“Our script really reveals this idea of the chosen family – this melting pot –  this the idea that we can claim our narrative and how we walk through life in L.A. and how we show up for various causes that we're passionate about and all of that is really reflected in our sense of chosen family within our cast; among our crew at Freeform,” states Adele. “The intention is to reflect the world that we live in and that we are navigating and continue to improve. I love it.”

Adele points out that there is an overwhelming community that has come from the Good Trouble family – and that love is felt by audiences! This year, the series has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series, and it just so happens that this year’s host at the Los Angeles ceremony will be Margaret Cho, who made an appearance on the series – which is a big deal for Cola.

“As a queer Asian American [woman and stand-up comedian], Margaret Cho has been [on] the vision board since I was a teenager,” Cola admits. “You know, even though she looks younger than me, her skincare routine, I mean, it's still a secret.”

She continues, “It was so cool to be able to work with Margaret – a hero of mine and to share the screen with her…It's just a trip where we are literally living the dream. Zuri and I talked about this all the time. We always have moments, spiritual resets of how lucky we are.”

Cola remembers how just four years ago they were doing press for season one and how it’s been an honor for them to learn through their characters. As for what’s in store for season 5, Adele said to make sure to “take a seat and take deep breaths.”


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“We're gonna see a lot of each of our characters learning to choose ourselves – a lot of self-choosing and self-accountability to find a balance that works with our work lives and personal lives,” said Adele of season 5. “Sherry and I talked about trying to find that as we navigate our lives and our careers.”

With all of this focus on self comes lots of trouble, with characters stumbling to try and find that balance.

“You're definitely gonna need a stiff drink and a vibrator,” points out Cola. “Our show just reflects reality in the sense of rawness of human experiences, balance and boundaries, and just growth and evolution.”

Cola acknowledged that society seems to take five steps forward and three steps back in when it comes to equality and inclusion -- a theme that's very much reflected in Good Trouble. Both Cola and Adele agree there's no debate when it comes to drag, defending it to its core:

“Drag is powerful. Drag is creative expression. Drag is liberation. Period,” Cola says.

Adele adds, "The greatest act of liberation that we can take is to live in our authenticity and in our truths. There is no room for anything else and drag is one of the most beautiful brave examples of abolition and activism and self-choosing. That causes a lot of fear because it shakes up all the systems that lead to all the harm – the white supremacy, patriarchy, and evil cannot live in the same place as the liberation that exists with drag. It's causing a lot of fear.”

She punctuates, “Drag is here to stay.”