RECAP: 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 15 Episode 10: Up Close And Personal!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the episode 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Salina has survived yet another lip sync. Sasha has a second win under her belt, Spice has gone home, and… Loosey is complaining about being safe.

As the queens celebrate and praise Sasha for her second win (Luxx put it best when she said, “You literally peed on that stage”), Loosey makes sure that people remember that she has won three challenges: two minis and one main. Loosey continues to be aggressively rabid for another win and she makes sure to remind us every single chance she can get.

She claims she’s fine with not winning last week’s challenge, but Mistress feels like she is fake. “Loosey is much more competitive than she alludes to,” Mistress claims. She tells Loosey that she is entering her “Bitch Era”.

Sasha asks Marcia how she thinks she did and she says she feels like she should have been in the top Loosey feels that it is unfair that she is made fun of for wanting to be in the top but no one attacks Marcia. Loosey jokingly tries to make Mistress make fun of Marcia and it just ends up blowing up in her face in the end.
“I have won some the most iconic challenges in Drag Race herstory so I think I have earned a certain level of respect,” states Loosey in a confessional. “And I’m not being shown that!”

In Mistress’s confessional, she insists on Loosey unleashing her inner bitch instead of being the nice girl she claims she is.

This is getting good.

The next day in the Werk Room, RuPaul announces this week’s max9-challenge: it’s the interview challenge! The queens will  be conducting one-on-one interviews for TV’s sketchiest news magazine: 50/50.

As “Editor-in-Queef”, Ru gives the queens their assignments. Marcia and Sasha will interview the legendary Charo; Anetra, Loosey, and Malaysia will be interviewing Frankie Grande; while Luxx, Mistress, and Salina will each have one-on-one with the wild and fierce Love Connie.

Before Ru leaves she drops the biggest news of the day. The category for this week’s runway is “Night of a Thousand Beyoncés”. The queens squeal with delight. It will be very interesting to see what they do with the Queen Bey.

The queens prep for their interviews and as Luxx points out they will be doing one of three types of interviews with their assigned subject: a walk talk, a sit-down, and an activity-driven interview.

Salina tells the rest of the members of Team Love Connie that she wants to do the sit down interview because she has podcasting experience. Also, she admits that she has something to prove because the last two weeks haven’t been great for her. We’re rootin’ for ya, Salina. Keep your head up.

Team Frankie Grande feels confident – Loosey being the most confident, obviously. Meanwhile, Sasha and Marcia of Team Charo are sizing the other teams up and Marcia starts to have too much fun. Mistress catches her throwing shade and apparently, Marcia is now entering her “Bitch Era”.  Luxx chimes in saying, “Marcia is entering her ‘Villain Era’.” There certainly are a lot of eras being thrown around here.

It's not long until we get a signature “stir the pot” moment of the episode where Mistress swoops in and cleverly throws shade/gets into the head of one her sisters. This week, it’s Marcia.

Mistress feels that Marcia is in danger because she won’t be able to match Charo’s energy in the interview. Mistress directly asks Marcia if she thinks she will give a good interview. Marcia isn’t sure and Mistress replies, “I’m glad you got Charo… because I feel that Love Connie wears a little bit more makeup than you.”

It’s all love in that Werk Room.

Now it’s time for their interviews: it’s clear who is struggling and who is getting the job done well. If anything, Malaysia was one struggling the most as she tried to interview Frankie Grande while making pizza. Mistress also lost control of her interview with Love Connie while they were icing cupcakes – but at least Love Connie was really funny!

Marcia seemed totally lost in her interview with Charo, but Sasha was a natural host in her salad-making segment with the “coochie coochie” icon, handling the interview with ease. Anetra surprised a lot of people with her walk and talk with Frankie Grande and Luxx seemed to have the most fun as she and Love Connie sped off into the sunset in a golf cart. Salina on the other hand… it started off strong, but it quickly unraveled and became another case of losing control of the interview -- and let’s not forget about Loosey. Let’s just say that she is going to be talking about how her Frankie Grande interview was the best in next week’s episode.

Mistress admits that she knows she is in the bottom – and Malaysia does the same. “I just hope someone did worse than me,” said Malaysia in a confessional. This leaves one spot open in the bottom three. I’m leaning towards Marcia and as much as I hate to say it, Salina. This marks her third time in the bottom and that hasn’t boded well for other queens this season.

It’s runway day and as the queens get ready to get in their best Beyoncé drag, Sasha shares that she knew a couple of Queen Bey’s dancers during the Sasha Fierce era. That said, Sasha thinks that maybe – just maybe – Beyoncé might have been inspired by her for the alter ego Sasha Fierce. I mean, there was a Sasha Colby before their was a Sasha Fierce.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. Sasha Colby is a legend.

“What a lovely fairytale,” blinks Mistress in regards to Sasha’s story.

It’s runway time and Ru struts out in a to-die-for silver number and a platinum wig that is ruling us all. After she welcomes this week’s panel of judges Michelle Visage and the always lovely Ts Madison, we brace ourselves for the Beyoncé runway show.

  • Luxx: She’s wearing a gorgeous iteration of Beyoncé’s fiery red and gold Bob Mackie lewk from the 2006 Kennedy Center Honors when Tina Turner was honored. If Luxx is not in the top for this, I’ll be shocked.
  • Mistress: She is really good at finding a balance of camp and high glam. She shows it with this green lacey gown from the Destiny’s Child era – complete with muppet versions of Michelle and Kelly.
  • Salina: She chooses to don Beyoncé’s gold 2004 Grammy Awards lewk with golden RuPaul Chia Pets as Grammys – which are honestly more impressive than the gown.
  • Sasha: It’s as if she just took Beyoncé’s Deja Vu lewk from the 2006 BET Awards and just walked on to the runway.
  • Marcia: She gives us a beautiful green lewk from a Tidal charity event but it pales in comparison next to some of the lewks we have already seen.
  • Anetra: This “On the Run Tour” lewk is one of the strongest and most dramatic of the night.
  • Malaysia: Love that she chose one of Bey’s most recent lewks which align with her celebration of Blackness and self.
  • Loosey: She did a good job of helping us relive Bey’s 2011 VMAs “Love on Top” moment when she ru-vealed that she was preggers!

Ru makes her decisions and Anetra and Marcia are safe and sent back to the Werk Room. That leaves Luxx, Loosey, and Sasha in the top and Mistress, Malaysia, and Salina in the bottom.

Luxx is praised for her work in the interview with Love Connie but more on her lewk for tonight which Ru calls “iconic”.  We also get to learn that the original Bob Mackie Beyoncé dress on which Luxx’s dress was based was originally made for Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter and Ru wore it before Beyoncé!

The more you know!

As expected, Mistress gets read for her interview with Love Connie but the judges love her lewk. In fact, Ru thinks her face is beat for the Gods and says that it is the most beautiful she has ever looked. Something tells me that Mistress will be safe this week.

Next up: Salina. It’s not good. Michelle calls her out for talking over Love Connie during her interview. Ts Madison tells her that she was in her head too much and that she needs to not let it show on her face.

Sasha gets praised for her lewk and her performance. Ts loves how she and Charo talked to the audience and Ru thinks that Sasha is a natural host. I would totally watch a “Sasha Show”.

The judges start to give Malaysia her critique and Ts let her know that the interview quickly became Frankie Grande interviewing Malaysia when it should have been the other way around. Since they are both from Dade County, Ts is rootin’ for Malaysia and insists that she needs to do better because right now, things aren’t looking good for her.

On the other hand, Loosey is getting praised for her interview with Frankie and her lewk. However, Ru told her that she had a missed opportunity during the interview when Frankie told her that a witch doctor from South Africa sicked a spider on him – because Loosey did not question that at all!

After the judges deliberate it is announced that Sasha has won her third challenge!

I can’t wait to hear what Loosey has to say next week.

Nonetheless, Loosey and Luxx are safe.

Mistress is shocked to learn that she is safe and Malaysia must lip sync against Salina. This marks the third time Salina is lip syncing – and that is usually the kiss of death.

The two lip sync to the iconic Beyoncé hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”.  Malaysia and Salina pull out all the signature hand swiveling choreo from the music video and it seems like a close one.

In a shocker Salina is safe! She has defied the odds and has survived a third lip sync! Good for her but bad for Malaysia who is asked to sashay away.