Cast and Creators of 'Gotham Knights' Talk Trans Inclusion and Call Viewers to Action in Supporting the LGBTQ Community

We're flying back to the city of Gotham in The CW's all-new TV series, "Gotham Knights," featuring storylines around the kids of some of the most iconic comic book heroes.

The new series also features groundbreaking achievement in LGBTQ representation and visibility for a mainstream superhero-based show in primetime, including an important trans storyline. It's here where we meet Cullen, played by Tyler DiChiara, exactly where he is in life, exactly as he is and exists. DiChiara, a trans teen actor, hopes to be a voice for trans and LGBTQ youth and told GLAAD he asks that viewers, "put their judgement aside" and see people for who they are.

'Gotham Knights' writer and co-executive producer, Natalie Abrams, joined the conversation and told GLAAD she wants the show to reflect to the younger versions of ourselves, that they're not alone. Abrams added, "If there is even one person out there who watches this show and finally sees themselves for the first time on screen, then we've done our job." 

Watch 'Gotham Knights' on The CW, premiering Tuesday, March 14 at 9pm Eastern.