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“We still find that LGBTQ inclusion is not evenly prioritized across all networks or platforms." @meg_townsend Re… https://t.co/OXoZyNx7Iu @glaad • 0h
Today, @GLAAD released our 27th annual Where We Are on TV Report analyzing the number of LGBTQ regular and recurring ch… @sarahkateellis • 1h
With attacks on the LGBTQ community in political and news spaces, Hollywood has more influence than ever and it's criti… @sarahkateellis • 1h
so these series are able to more deeply explore the lives and stories of characters audiences have come to love. (3/5) @sarahkateellis • 1h
As the media landscape continues to grow and change, it is imperative that these companies stand behind the excellent L… @sarahkateellis • 1h
We have seen with shows like The Last of Us, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and more, that when networks and st… @sarahkateellis • 1h
GLAAD: TV's LGBTQ Representation Is Down, Due in Part to 54 Cancelled Shows https://t.co/YPcdgskuRv @TVLine • 2h
Where We Are on TV assesses and analyzes the number of LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on scripted primetime… https://t.co/3XazCzOkPB @glaad • 2h
Thank you 🙏🏻 @lee_fontaine • 15h
“Creating these networks of support reduces anxiety, depression and helps the young person feel like they have an outlet and a… @MPRnews • 14h

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